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26 March 2011 @ 09:32 pm
pokemon leaf green nuzlocke post  
I vaguely mentioned it here on LJ a few months ago that I started replaying my old pokemon game with Nuzlocke rules. I finished it a while ago, and I BEAT IT! it was super fun. I totally suggest people trying to play a pokemon game this way, it makes you appreciate pokemon you'd never normally use. I beat the elite four pretty easily, but the rival took out 3 of my pokemon! What a turd.  Anyway since I just made a long post about pokemon I'm putting this one under a cut.
I killed so many pokemon it's not even funny. It's HARD! you have to watch out for 1-hit KO attacks. Here's my list of my dead pokemon (in order of death) sprites stolen from here

Tegu / Charmander ♂ lv 15

Georgy / Pidgey
♀ lv 12

Sarah / Pidgey
♀ lv 13

Roseanne / Jigglepuff
♀ lv 20

Daisy / Meowth
♀ lv 14

Doug /
♂ lv 21

Voltaire / Spearow
♂ lv 21

Bette / Mankey
♀ lv 17

Lettie / Dugtrio
♀ lv 31

Maybee / Meowth
♀ lv 25

Lee / Hitmonlee ♂ lv 25

Emily / Fearow
♀ lv 31

Ladycarp / Gyarados
♀ lv 32

Arbuckle / Snorlax
♂ lv 30

Stewart / Pidgey
♂ lv 25

Jenny / Persian
♀ lv 34

Clambake / Krabby
♀ lv 21

Wooster / Doduo
♂ lv 32

Vlad / Golbat
♂ lv 31

Misty / Seaking
♀ lv 37

Trish / Fearow
♀ lv 39

Even while making this list I remembered how frustrated and disappointed I was when a lot of these pokemon were sent to the cemetery.  D: I really did kill off my starter pokemon right away @_@ after the first gym all I had was my rattata and butterfree, which ended up in my TEAM FOR THE ELITE FOUR. can't ever diss those two pokemon again.

Eddie /Raticate
♂ lv 51 Docile

caught at route 22 / Runaway

Thief - Dig - Quick Attack - Hyper Fang

Merideth /Butterfree
♀ lv 51 Careful

met in Viridian forest / CompoundEyes

Silver Wind - Poison Powder - Sleep Powder - Psybeam

Jolty /Jolteon
♂ lv 53 Hardy

met at Celadon city /
Volt Absorb

Shock Wave - Pin Missile - Double Kick - Quick Attack

Tootsie / Lapras
♀ lv 52 Bold

met at Silph co. / Water Absorb

Waterfall - Strength - Ice Beam - Surf

Quill / Aerodactyl
♂ lv 51 Careful

met at Cinnabar Island / Rock Head

Double-Edge - Fly - Ancient Power - Bite

Broomhilda /Slowbro
♀ lv 51 Hardy

caught at Bond bridge / Oblivious

Surf - Psychic - Ice Beam - Headbutt

When I was fighting the last rival battle / champion battle Merideth, Quill and Jolty fainted. It was his blastoise, it destroyed me. Jolteon's shock wave attack barely made a mark on him. I still beat him in the end, good old Eddie beat him. Normal types are pretty bad ass.

I also had some pokemon that I caught and ended up not using, especially toward the end. The only one that I used a little bit was a Victreebel named Trumpy.

I think next time I do a nuzlocke I might not rely on pokemon that you get as gifts. I feel bad that half of my team (jolty, tootsie and quill) was made up of pokemon that i just got through the plot of the game and not caught in the wild, but in the rules they were fair to use. Anyway, I would totally suggest any pokemon fan with an old game or a rom to try playing the game this way.
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psychobiddy, qu'est que c'est?psychobiddy on March 27th, 2011 04:40 am (UTC)
They're so cute! I want to play the game this way, though I guess I should beat it the normal way first. :P