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06 September 2009 @ 09:30 pm
Meter Down  
Oh em gee you guys.

So one of my favorite movies is currently on the "watch instantly" function on Netflix. So if you all have net flix plz watch this movie, it will blow your mind.

Watch it instantly on netflix here

If you could lead me to any other movie that is basically about two men trying to kill each other over a bad day yet ends with a jazzy music video lead me to it, but I swear it doesn't exist.  This movie gives me a stomach ache, but I still really love it. I guess you could call it kind of like a suspense movie, It's not a genre that I usually watch.  I actually stumbled across this movie when I went to NAZ 8 a movie theater chain featuring only movies from India. I took the bart down there, by myself, and just watched it. I don't ever go to movies by myself anymore (too lonely!) but it was definently an interesting experience.   The music for the movie is kind of amazing, and Caroline agrees with me xD

Really, everyone needs more bollywood movies in their diet, all the movies I've seen from India have been beatiful and interesting, even if they're the equlivant to mainstream run of movies in the US that I generally avoid. 

ugh I have like 20 actual LJ posts i've been meaning to make.. whoops...
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